Robert Wynne

Robert Wynne

Coach, CrossFit Kids Coach and Program Facilitator

High bar Back Squat: 465lbs @ 195lbs BW

Deadlift: 565lbs @ 195lbs BW

Weighted Chinup/Ring Dip: 165lbs for each

Strict Ring HSPU/Strict Ring MUs: 10 each

5k Run/Row: 18:30 for each


CrossFit Coaching Experience: 11 Years
Coach at Fortius: 2 Years

CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2) Trainer, Kinesiology/Exercise Science Degree, CF Gymnastics & CF Mobility Certificates

About Coach

My “athletic background” was a lifetime of fast food bingeing and couch surfing. Eventually, I was fed up with feeling like a prisoner in my own body. A medical health scare led me to discover CrossFit in 2009. This catalyst began a journey into a lifestyle of fitness that would become a battle against myself. Obstacles included chronic knee/low back pain, and not being able to walk upstairs, run, or do a single kneeling push-up. After losing 100lbs of excess body weight, I finally worked up the courage to commit to my very first CrossFit competition in 2010. My happiest and proudest event where I placed dead last (50th) in the beginners’ division, BUT was ABLE to finish. I would go on to gain 50lbs of muscle (gaining grit and heart along the way) to compete at a high level, and in learning others’ stories through over a decade of coaching experience, I have constructed a deep sense of purpose in yearning to passionately help others achieve their fitness goals to win their own personal battles too.

Turning Point

…Overeating has always been an emotional coping mechanism for me. Starting in 3rd grade, with feelings of shame, displacement, and lacking a sense of belonging, I instead turned to the comfort of food. I developed horrible and stubborn eating habits that would quickly lead to me becoming increasingly obese and metabolically at-risk. On top of that, I later became bedridden and sedentary throughout 8th grade from a car accident. Eventually, I even failed to pass a physical exam for the high school senior drumline (due to a 150/100 resting blood pressure). Discovering CrossFit and later earning my exercise science degree was the turning point that may have literally saved my life.

Motivation & Passion

I find light, joy, and energy in life from seeing your smiling faces walk through the gym door again, each of you ready to face the challenge of taking another small step in becoming the best version of yourself yet. I believe that if I can bring you the “best hour” of your day and leave you with a sense of accomplishment, then it can create a ripple effect on others that can positively impact our entire community! Making a difference in this way is my motivation.

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