Paige Stoll

Paige Stoll

Competition and Events Manager, Coach

Fran: 4:38, Mile: Can run 1 mile, HSPU: 38


CrossFit Coaching Experience: 2 Years
Coach at Fortius: 2 Years

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

About Coach

I joined Fortius in 2021 after moving to San Diego from the South East, I wanted to find a gym to satisfy the craving for an environment at the crossroads of physical activity and community. I was a professional equestrian before trading my country days for sunny San Diego beach life. When I joined Fortius as an athlete, I knew I wanted to be more involved in what was growing here. I have big plans for Fortius including our new software implementation, in-house comps, and big growth for the future.

Turning Point

Horses are a huge part of my life, swinging your leg over a 1300 lb animal with a mind of its own, and achieving a goal together is magical and humbling each time it happens. This translates over to every part of my life, with consistent patience, loyalty, and compassion anything seems possible.

Motivation & Passion

Community is my passion. Watching friendships and deep connections being built around a healthy lifestyle inside the gym is what drives me daily to make Fortius the best it can be. Also, I LOVE a good first- first pull up, push-up, mile, etc- You'll hear my loud whoop from anywhere in the gym :)

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