Jeong Kim

Jeong Kim

Co-Owner (Fortius North), Coach

Squat 315 lbs, Bench Press 255 lbs, Deadlift 345 lbs


CrossFit Level 1, B.S. Electrical Engineering & Biomedical Engineering - Duke University

About Coach

I have always wanted to stay active and healthy and keep up with daughters who play multiple sports in the club but having a work and life style that I could not really fit workout into my life, it had not been happening for a long time. Reuniting with the best friend, Jesse (who happens to be one of the best CrossFit coach and Owners around) got me motivated to start the gym and training and I am in the best condition of my life since college. Now all my bloodwork comes out fine and I can chase after my dog who always runs away from us! Ask me for the proof and I will happily provide.

Turning Point

When I turned 40, a few things happened. Blood works started to go bad and could not keep up with two teenage daughters who play sports at an elite level. Visits to 24 Hour Fitness often ended up becoming binge watching Netflix opportunities. While I walked miles (irregularly), it was not helping me to stay fit and active. My first class at Fortius was different. The class was a team effort, all the other members and coach were there to support and I wanted to push my limit. Simply put, I just had to "show up" to see the difference and it only took one month.

Motivation & Passion

A CrossFit gym has members from all different backgrounds yet it's about competing against yourself, not other members. Ego should not play a role in pushing yourself beyond your capability. My goal and focus is making sure that members understand their limitation and capability, enjoy subtle yet clear improvements that they make every time they come to the gym and most importantly safety comes first. I love to see members make consistent improvements from taking our classes.

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