Angeline (Gigi) Redman

Angeline (Gigi) Redman


Squat: 221 lbs

Clean & Jerk: 160 lbs

Snatch: 115 lbs

Deadlift: 260 lbs

Small and mighty!


CrossFit experience:

8 years CrossFit coach:

2 years CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

USAW Level 1 Coach

Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Minor in Criminology

About Coach

Growing up I wasn’t too athletic, in fact, I was shy which inhibited me from participating in most sporting or team activities. I ran solo, did yoga, and did light strength training for many years. I found myself craving a new flavor of fitness- it was time to explore. A friend introduced me to CrossFit and invited me to train with her. Best Kool-Aid I ever had, I fell in love immediately! I gravitated towards the weightlifting aspect of it all and quickly realized CrossFit wasn’t just a typical daily workout, it was a lifestyle. In retrospect, the results superseded all styles of fitness I’ve played with. Not only did I achieve fast results, but also found that it grounded me. It gave me confidence including the ability to become more physically and mentally stronger in everyday life situations.

Turning Point

During the pandemic, gyms closed down and many of us struggled to continue staying fit. In addition to everything else going on in the world, we made the best attempt to create our own workout programs and scavenged for equipment. I started running small group training sessions for my colleagues once a week where I worked. I witnessed their change in confidence, energy, and excitement as time went by. This allowed me to understand how each individual is unique how they operate and bodies move; how to approach, provide feedback where needed, and add some fun to their day. It dawned on me that this is a passion that I need to pursue.

Motivation & Passion

I became a trainer to share this passion with others who needed a push in their fitness journey. I thoroughly enjoy supporting athletes to reach their fitness aspirations and seeing them thrive. A huge component in building trust is communication with the athlete. Recognizing their achievements to build confidence, motivation, and a sense of accomplishment. Your victory is my victory! I have an emphasis on quality over quantity – technique is a critical element in our lifts and I make it my priority to ensure athletes move with safety prior to load. Collaborating and working out with a like-minded community has inspired me to coach and help guide others amid their fitness journey.

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