Allison De Peralta

Allison De Peralta


Clean & Jerk: 200

Snatch: 160

Back squat: 275

Front squat: 235

Deadlift: 325

100yd freestyle 0:52


Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

American Red Cross CPR/AED/Emergency Oxygen

About Coach

Growing up I was always a ball of energy. I juggled multiple sports (volleyball, gymnastics, soccer, swimming) until I finally settled into swimming through high school and college. I competed at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo on the D1 women’s swim team for 4 years and graduated with a B.S. in Biochemistry. I found CrossFit in 2016, mostly influenced by my badass sister who ended up competing at the CA regionals in 2017 & 2108. Today I am most motivated by the people I train and compete with every day.

Turning Point

No one prepares you for life after being a college athlete. No more 5am weight room sessions or two-a-days in between classes. Life slows down after the sport you’ve dedicated your entire childhood to suddenly ends. Who am I outside of being a D1 athlete? Anyone who played a sport in college knows what was once your whole identity is now just something to reminisce on. For me, finding CrossFit was a way to stay active and continue to workout with a team— a community. CrossFit is a way to stay competitive and showcase the athletic talent leftover from years of hard work and dedication. I may not compete anymore, but I still find value in the grind day in and day out. passion: I coach so I can create a fun and positive environment for people to reach their fitness goals. I believe technique is the foundation for strength, and consistency is the foundation for change. I am motivated by people who are receptive to feedback and willing to work towards positive change.

Motivation & Passion

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