Adrian Gutierrez

Adrian Gutierrez


Squat: 593 lb 10

Rep Squat: 465 lb

Front Squat: 495 lb

Clean & Jerk: 355 lb

Snatch: 290 lb


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

Growing up I was typically the shy, quieter kid. At least I was until I started playing soccer & football. Playing team sports really broke me out of my shell and set me up to have a team-player mentality. After football, I continued to lift at 24-hour fitness but never really “bought into” the gym life, and became inconsistent and gained quite a bit of weight. A good friend and current member (Ben Fairbee) introduced me to CrossFit Fortius and I instantly bought in. I quickly learned you can go to a gym, grind, and still experience a team/community.

Turning Point

Comfort. Being comfortable was easily my biggest enemy. It was easy to show up to 24-hour fitness and do as much or as little as I wanted for a workout, or even just skip completely. When I first joined Fortius my mentality switched to a more “WOD is the price a pay to lift heavy” mindset. But that quickly changed and I found myself beginning to look forward to the challenges the WODs present everyday. Some days fuel the fire and some days are absolutely humbling, but seeing the bigger picture is key to the process. The Fortius programming, coaching, & community made it easy to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Motivation & Passion

I found a passion for coaching when I began to pass on cues and knowledge I’ve learned over the years and saw those same cues that helped me, help the next person! Seeing the excitement fueled me more than a PR would!! I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned at Fortius and will continue to learn going forward, I am excited to share the knowledge and help others achieve their goals!!

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